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District Announcements
Elementary Master Schedule
Figuring out which “special” an elementary school student is participating in during a school week is now just a matter of following the calendar and a short set of numbers.

Beginning this school year, Westside Community Schools has created a common master elementary schedule, which should make things simpler for parents/guardians and their children.  “Specials” (physical education, music, art, and foreign language) are on a four-day rotation.  Below is a pdf that lists numbers, which represent the four different “specials” for the next six weeks of the academic year for all elementary school.  Your child’s teacher will communicate which number (one through four) corresponds to the special activity for the day.

Also, for the parents/guardians of fifth and sixth grade band/strings students, the pdf also includes information on band/string cycle days.

Specials Calendar through Dec.5
Swanson Elementary ..... Home of the Swanson Superstars!
First Graders Explore Pumpkins
First grade classrooms are preparing to study the life cycle of a pumpkin. Students will participate in groups, each having a pumpkin. The children will have the opportunity to estimate the weight and measurement of the pumpkin, followed by using appropriate weighing and measurement tools to find their results. The data will be recorded by students and they will be able to compare their pumpkins. We will also learn if pumpkins float or sink. Do you know? Parent volunteers will be carving our pumpkins with our assistance cleaning the pulp and seeds from inside! The students will have many opportunities to describe the pumpkins inside and out! Finally, each group will estimate and count the number of seeds inside their pumpkin. Last years' winning pumpkin was donated by Hy-Vee weighing in at 149.2 pounds!

Click here to see students with weighing and measuring pumpkins!
Spelling Bee
On Tuesday, October 21st, the Swanson School Spelling Bee was held at Underwood Hills.    There were 13 qualifying students from grades four, five and six.  All students in grades 4-6  took a written test in October to determine who would compete.   Graham Waterstraat was the school winner and  Molly McBride placed second in  the competition.  Molly and Graham will move on to  the Westside School District Bee which will be held on Friday, November 21st at the Community Conference Center.  We wish them much luck!!  Congratulations to a
ll of the spellers!​
Rising Stars Show Choir Camp

Westside’s Amazing Technicolor Show Choir invites all students grades 4-6 to join them for a chance to be introduced to Show Choir, with a vocal and dance workshop, followed by a performance later that same day.  Click here to view the flyer with additional information!

Registration must be completed by November 21st and given to Mr. Doran Johnson - WHS 


What Is Love and Logic?

“Parenting with Love and Logic” is a five-week parent-training program designed by the Love and Logic Institute, Inc.  Please click here for details and registration information! Classes will be held at Loveland Elementary School and begin October 21st! 



Outdoor Ed
It's that time of year again! Cool weather, leaves falling, sleeping bags and overnight at Outdoor Education! Enjoy 6th graders! Click here for "good-bye" pictures.

School Pictues
Did your smile look crooked? Did your eyes shut down? Did your hair stand up? Was the camera flash too bright? Did you forget your picture money? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have your school pictures retaken on Thursday, October 30th. Please return your whole picture package to Mrs. Jolkowski as soon as possible. If you were absent on picture day, please let Mrs. Jolkowski know so your picture can be included in the yearbook!
United Way Drive for Students
Congratulations Swanson and United Way!
United Way Totals 
K - 3  $292.88
4 - 6  $176.51
Total  $469.39
K-3 Team enjoyed a refreshing treat Friday afternoon.



Soil Study in 2nd Grade
In Science we are studying the difference between potting soil and sandy soil. Students were given the opportunity to put on their scientist cap and investigate and observe these two types of soil. We used magnifying glasses and some of our senses to study the soils. We then discussed how these two types of soil were alike and different. Click here for more photos!

Pizza Adjectives
We have been talking about adjectives in first grade and how they are used to describe a noun. We used pizza to help us with this by filling out a five senses chart. The kids enjoyed eating pizza and writing down many adjectives to describe how pizza feels, tastes, smells, looks like, and even sounds like when they were chewing it! Here are some pictures of the kids while they were “investigating” their pizza! Click here for more pictures!
Community Club Volunteer Signups
Do you have 15 minutes?
Morning Parent Helpers!
The staff would like to have parent assistance during morning drop off.  Parents are needed to open car doors and help keep your eye on kids and traffic until the teachers are able to open the doors for the children at 8:30 a.m.  The time needed is from 8:15 to 8:30 a.m.  Please sign up! - Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:
   1.  Click this link to go to our invitation page on Volunteer Spot: http://vols.pt/fu4yBz
   2.   Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on Volunteer Spot)
   3.   Sign up! Choose your spots – Volunteer Spot will send you an automated confirmations
Note:  Volunteer Spot does not share your email address with anyone.
On-Going Opportunities to help!
We have a Community Club volunteer page available throughout the year at http://vols.pt/9K1Y2W
Swanson Movie in the Park
The Lego Movie was a big success. The popcorn and treats were a hit. The big screen...priceless! Click here to see more pictures.

Swanson Family Picnic
The family picnic sponsored by Swanson's Community Club was a fun evening for everyone. Thank you to all the parents who stopped to register iPads! Click here for pictures!

First Week of School
The first week of school went quickly! The teachers have enjoyed getting to know their students and families. Click here or some back-to-school photos.
The Westside Community School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, color, age, national origin or disability.
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